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Image by Nattu Adnan

Revitalise, Refocus and Reset with our Pilates retreat in the tropical paradise of Bali.


This gorgeous retreat set in a luxury villa by the ocean with stunning gardens, promises to give you that full mind, body, and soul treatment. Strengthen your body with daily Pilates classes on the mat in the villa and 3 Reformer classes in our studio during your 7 day stay. Also included is a kundalini yoga meditation class and breathwork practices. Experience the magic of the Balinese culture with our Balinese Blessing ceremony. Nourishing meals included daily and blissful pampering options will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

Why Should You Join Us?

Immersive Experience:

Our Pilates retreat provides you a dedicated environment where you can fully focus on your practice without everyday distractions. It allows you to immerse yourself in the Pilates method, take time to reset whilst enjoying beautiful Bali and our luxury accommodation, nourishing daily meals and rejuvenating pampering and mediations.

Expert Guidance:

Our Retreat is led by Master Teacher Trainer and Studio Owner Vianca Rechtman, who has lived in Bali for 10 years and knows all the best places to go for pampering, dining and relaxing if you want to explore and enjoy all Bali has to offer in your free time. She will help you refine your movements, adjust exercises to suit your individual needs, and take you through a rejuvenating and challenging daily Pilates class.

Accelerated Progress:

With daily Pilates sessions on the Mat and Reformer sessions in our studio, you can make significant progress in a short amount of time. We give each person `a welcome assessment to understand your goals and how we can assist you to leave feeling more balanced aligned with your posture, and overall body fitness and awareness.

Stress Reduction:

Retreats are designed to be a break from your routine and a chance to unwind. Engaging in Pilates and our meditation, breath work and workshops which are carefully designed to revitalise and reset you mind, body and soul.

Community and Networking:

Our warm and welcoming Pilates retreats attract like-minded individuals who share an interest in health and fitness. It's an opportunity to connect with people who have similar goals and motivations, fostering a sense of community and support.


Retreat Location:

Our Pilates retreat will be set at a luxury villa in Bali near the beach, where all your needs will be taken care take off by our experienced staff.


Mind-Body Connection:

Pilates is not just about physical fitness; it also emphasizes the mind-body connection. We want you to leave feeling more rested, rejuvenated and with a new focus on living your very best life. 


October 22-29, 2023 


Berawa, Canggu

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