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eyt teachers training cerficiation

EYT Mat & Reformer Pilates Teachers Training Certification




Bali Pilates Plus is offering an immersive, New York Based certified program. The EYT Hybrid course consists of both in-person and online training, it is a New York based certified program created by the Director of Education, Jessica Spillane with over 120 graduates and 20 Host partner studios worldwide, and is elevating the standard of Pilates education through partnerships with expert teachers like the ones you find at this EYT host studio in Indonesia, Bali Pilates Plus.

Learn the exercises in your body and how to teach the Reformer & Mat beginner to advanced repertoire during a 10 day intensive in-person training in beautiful Bali.

2024 Course Dates:

May 21st - June 1st, 2024

September 24th - October 5th, 2024

Immersive 2 Weeks In-Person Training 

Course Breakdown 

In-Person Seminars - 50 Hours

Self Practice - 70 Hours

Apprentice Teaching - 160 Hours

Observation - 20 Hours


Your study hours start accumulating from Day 1 with the In-person seminars. Students generally take between 9 months to 12 months to complete their hours 300 to sit the final certification exam. It will depend entirely on how much time you are able to commit to your studies each week. We recommend our apprentices allocate a minimum of 4-6 hours per week to your study hours.


Bali Pilates Plus will be available for your use as an apprentice teacher, to complete your observation, self study and Apprentice teaching hours free of charge if you are residing in Bali. We can also assist you to find a Pilates studio in your own country to complete your study hours.

Course Structure 

The full course and study program is a hybrid of 2 weeks in-person seminars, online curriculum study where each exercise is taught on video by Jessica, so you can deep dive into the technique, cueing and observing the teacher and client, 4 monthly zoom workshops, personal practice and apprentice teaching observation hours. Approximately 300 hours in total


The course starts with intensive In-person seminars which will be held from the 21 May - 1 June, 2024.


The daily schedule is 12.00pm to 5.30pm


The seminars are split over 2 consecutive weeks, with 5 days on, Tuesday to Saturday, then 2 days off, Sunday and Monday, in-between the 2 weeks.

What's Included:

  • 10 Days Long Form Seminars that will take place at Bali Pilates Plus, where we get a deeper understanding of each exercise and how to teach.

  • 4 One-Hour Monthly Workshops via Zoom.  

  • An online curriculum for study and support.

  • A hard copy manual for study and note taking.

  • Access to Bali Pilates Plus studio for your personal practice and apprenticeship hours.

  • A total of 300 hours of study required to complete your certification



Bali Pilates Plus

Jl. Subak Sari Gg. Bebek No.90, Tibubeneng, Berawa, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361


2024 Course Dates

Session 1: January 16th - January 27th, 2024

Session 2: May 21st - June 1st, 2024

Session 3: September 24th - October 5th, 2024

Day 1-3 

History of Pilates, Anatomy for Pilates, Beginner Mat & Reformer system of exercises. Learn the Technique & Proper Breathing of each of the movements in the Beginner repertoire. 

Day 3-6 

Intermediate Mat & Reformer system of exercises, progress your beginner knowledge and learn by feeling each movement in your body, teach your fellow apprentices and understand how each movement can make a bigger impact using the Intermediate repertoire. 

Day 6-8

Advanced Mat & Reformer, now we build on your beginner and intermediate skills by learning how to incorporate your 'teachers eye' and toolkit to flow and organize the sequences that evolve a class with progressions and modifications.

Day 8-10 

We revise the whole system and how to program a class to teach to the bodies in front of you, to meet the clients bodies where they are at. We learn how to use different Pilates Props with the exercises and get you more comfortable with your Pilates teaching voice, so you leave feeling confident to start your apprentice teaching study hours. 

Why Pursue Pilates Teacher Training with EYT?

Pilates Studio
Pilates Trainer
Reformer Workout

Meet Vianca, Owner of Bali Pilates Plus & EYT Master Teacher 

Introducing Vianca, the heart and soul behind Bali Pilates Plus. Hailing from the sports-loving shores of New Zealand, Vianca's journey into the world of Pilates was sparked by a desire for a fit and balanced life.


Fifteen years ago, her life took a transformative turn as she took her very first Pilates class on the Mat. It was love at first move - the way Pilates sculpted her body was impressive, but it was the profound connection between mind and body that truly resonated with her. Pilates became more than just exercise; it became a gateway to presence and serenity in her daily life.


In 2013, Vianca made a life-changing move to Bali. Her Pilates journey evolved, and she embarked on her Pilates Teachers Training, emerging in 2015 as a passionate and certified Pilates teacher after completing an extensive 800-hour classical course.


Vianca opened the first Pilates studio in Canggu in 2016, followed by the inception of Bali Pilates Plus in 2020. Her vision was clear - to create spaces where individuals could transform their lives through Pilates.


In 2022, driven by her unwavering commitment to the craft, Vianca decided it was time to elevate her skills further. After extensive research, she found the EYT course in New York, where Joseph Pilates opened his first studio. The connection with Jessica, the course creator and Director of Education, was instant, bonded by their shared love for Pilates and their vision to nurture the next generation of exceptional teachers.


Vianca's teaching and mentoring style is a reflection of her own journey - hands-on, fun, and passionate about every aspect of the Pilates method. She delights in sharing her wisdom, insights, and enthusiasm with each student, empowering them to teach with confidence, deep knowledge, and their unique voice.


Vianca firmly believes that her studio offers one of the most comprehensive and accessible Teacher Training programs in the industry. With pride, she brought the EYT Pilates teacher training course to Indonesia, marking a milestone in her mission to spread the transformative power of Pilates.


Not only, a Pilates Master Teacher Trainer; she is an inspiring and supportive Studio owner, teacher and mentor and a true inspiration to all those who cross her path. Join her on a journey of transformation. Whether you're an aspiring teacher seeking guidance or a dedicated Pilates enthusiast, Vianca's expertise and unwavering commitment will guide you toward your personal best.

Course Pricing

The full course fee is USD $3650.00 to become a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher. Your final exam, all study materials, Bali Pilates studio usage for your apprenticeship study hours and final certification are all included in the registration fee.

The Early Bird Special of USD$3350.00 is available ONLY until 19th April, 2024. Save USD$300 and secure your spot below.


Your Pilates Teacher certification will be issued by the Director of Education, Jessica Spillane at EYT in New York. It is a internationally recognized training course, registered with the PMA Pilates body in the United States.

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Full amount to be paid by April 19th, 2024.

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Transferrable for future courses if anything changes with your plans in January


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Do you have questions about the program, how the hybrid of online and in-person study hours work. What you will learn? Please send us your questions and information and our Master Teacher Trainer, Vianca will respond directly to your enquiry.

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Student Reviews


It was an excellent course to learn Pilates and how to teach it elaborately.
Vianca and Jessica are great teachers. I learned a lot from them. Thank you very much🙏.
Special thanks to Vianca for her kindness and caring while teaching us the Pilates🌹.
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