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EYT Mat & Reformer Pilates Teachers Training Certification

Begins June 13th 2023 

Learn the exercises in your body and how to teach the Reformer & Mat beginner to advanced repertoire during a 10 day intensive in-person training in beautiful Bali.


Pilates Teacher Training Provides Fulfillment

Pilates Teacher Training enriches the lives of all who join. Friendships are made; knowledge and understanding of Pilates deepens and appreciation for your body and it’s capabilities grows

EYT Prepares You for Success as a Teacher

Pilates Teacher Training opens up opportunities for a career in Health & Wellness.  It can be a side hustle, a full-time, income-producing career or a rewarding part time job that impacts and helps others. 

About The Program

When & Where

In Person: At Bali Pilates Plus with Master Teacher, Vianca Rechtman 

Dates: June 13-17th & June 20th-24th, 2023.

What We'll Cover

1. Beginner Mat & Reformer Learn the Technique & Proper Breathing of each of the movements in the Beginner repertoire. 

2. Intermediate Mat & Reformer Progress your Beginner skills and learn how to have each movement make a big impact using the Intermediate repertoire. 

3. Advanced Mat & Reformer Build on your beginner and intermediate skills by learning how to flow and organize the sequences that evolve a session or a class

The EYT Pilates Teachers Training Program

Has over 120 graduates and 7 partner studios worldwide, and is elevating the standard of Pilates education through partnerships with expert teachers like the ones you find at Bali Pilates Plus.

The Bali Pilates Plus, Teacher Training program is appropriate for any individual with a desire to deepen their knowledge about the body, the method or who can see themselves teaching Pilates as a career. This training program is classical in nature and includes a full apprenticeship, mentorship from your Master Teacher, practice schedule, observation and assistant teaching opportunities. 

By the conclusion of the program, you will have the knowledge and confidence to handle and progress most clients for full one hour sessions. The completion of your training program is only the beginning of your journey as a Pilates Teacher. It takes continued practice and exposure to many different types of bodies to perfect your art and discover who you are as a teacher. But we at Bali Pilates Plus, would love to be part of that journey. 

What's Included in the EYT Pilates Teacher Training Program?


Online Curriculum

With hundreds of videos of the history of Pilates, Anatomy and each movement  taught by the Master Teacher, allowing you to hear and see proper technique, cues and progressions.


Four One Hour Monthly Zoom Workshops

On a range or topics from the Opposition of movements, the Principles of Pilates to injuries and special cases.


Hard Copy Full Color Manual

This will be your study guide with a full page layout of each  exercise, muscles engaged, intention of the movement with space for note-taking.



Bali Pilates Studio will be available for students to fulfill their required study hours, including; observation, practice-teaching and self-practice study hours.


Ten Days of In-Person Seminars

Which serve as "working sessions" where we break down each movement in beginner to advanced system and build them back up while learning to teach.


Evaluative Assessments

We provide actionable feedback for you to grow and learn as a teacher after your Beginner and Final exams 

Early Bird Special
USD $300 Discount

At Bali Pilates Plus, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the power of Pilates and its life-changing benefits.


Our Pilates teachers training is designed to help you reach your full potential and become a certified Pilates teacher.

Book now for the earlybird special and receive USD$300 discount for the next course starting June 13th.

Use Coupon Code: BALI300 at Checkout

Don't miss this opportunity with us in beautiful bali.



Continuing Certification - Comprehensive Teacher

Our group training is for Reformer & Mat Teacher Certification. When you are ready, you will have the opportunity to expand your education to the Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrel Systems. None of this is required, but is here for you whenever you get the itch t learn more or expand your sessions with clients.. Each is priced independently and can be taken at any time. Pricing for those modules is as follows: Wunda Chair $1500, Cadillac $1200 & Barrel System, $750.

Available until 
June 11th 2023

Program Price

USD $3650

Meet Vianca, Owner of Bali Pilates Plus & EYT Master Teacher 

I fell in love with Pilates instantly 14 years ago,  I loved the way that it didn’t just strengthen and tone my body, but it also made me so much more aware of how the mind and body are connected through movement, an integral part of practicing Pilates.

I moved to Bali in 2013 and certified in 2015 after an 800 hours comprehensive classical course as a new and passionate teacher of Pilates. 


In 2016 I opened the first Pilates studio in Canggu and then moved on to open my second studio, Bali Pilates Plus in 2020.


In 2022 I decided was the right time to up-skill and become a master teacher trainer, so I after much research, I found the very best teacher-training programme for my studio and those wanting to come to Bali and become a Pilates Teacher.


When I first met Jessica, through a global Pilates studio owner group, we talked at length about the teacher training course she had created 13 years ago. We connected instantly through our shared love of Pilates and desire to create and cultivate the next generation of incredible teachers, at an affordable and accessible level for all students.

My teaching and mentoring style is hands on, fun and passionate about the method, the movements, form and flow. I am grateful and humbled to impart my knowledge to mentor new passionate teachers in the program. I am very excited to be the first studio bring this comprehensive EYT , Pilates teacher training course to Indonesia, with the guidance of the founder and Director of Education, Jessica Spillane

Want to know more?
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